Weekend Retreat with Lama Shenpen: The Seven Points of Mind Training

Lama Shenpen continues teaching on this year’s theme of Love and Compassion by exploring the classic text from Atisha on the Seven points of Mind training.

From next Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July. Booking form HERE.

Lama Shenpen will be talking about the nature of our compassionate heart as Openness, Clarity and Sensitivity.

These teachings will also introduce the theme of how to incorporate difficulties on the path, the principles of connection and our deepest Heart Wish and giving us memorable ways to keep the teachings in mind.

The weekend will consist of teachings from Lama Shenpen, opportunities to discuss your practice and understanding of the teachings in groups with other students and ask Lama Shenpen questions directly. You are encouraged to join with others in meditation sessions.

You are also invited to join the Sangha’s regular morning and evening prayer and meditation sessions.

This event is suitable for anyone who is interested in taking their understanding of meditation, Dharma and this particular text deeper.

Lama Shenpen will explore more deeply the specifics of the Tibetan text during weekly sessions beginning Wednesday 8th July at 3.30 pm for anyone who is interested in a more in-depth approach. A separate sign up form will be sent to those who enrol on this retreat.

To enrol in this retreat visit the main event page here and book using the form on the link at the top of the page.