Invitation to make a dana offering on Lhabab Duchen on Sat 7th November

Saturday 7th November is a special day in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, it’s Lhabab Duchen where we celebrate the Buddha’s decent from heaven. The story goes that the Buddha spent three months teaching in the god realm of Indra’s heaven known as the  ‘Heaven of the Thirty Three’ where his mother had been reborn, in order to repay her kindness and to liberate those in the god realm. After three months he returned to Earth, accompanied by a retinue of gods honouring him.

On this special day where it is said that positive and negative actions are magnified ten million times, we are inviting donations to the Shrimala Trust, the charitable organisation that supports the Awakened Heart Sangha and the activity of Lama Shenpen.

It is customary in Buddhism to practice dana/generosity on a day where the punya will be magnified. Offering is mandala principle and therefore an energy exchange – a movement of opening and offering that creates an exchange between yourself and the centre of the mandala, that augments the mandala as a whole and strengthens our connections to it.

Making offerings is in this way is about how we approach and honour the gift of Dharma, the connections we make with the sangha and recognising and showing our appreciation for the generosity of our teacher Lama Shenpen, as well as those who are working hard behind the scenes to make sure we can continue to access the teachings. Offerings made in this way are a material expression of our decision to keep aligning ourselves with the path, a commitment that can be honoured and celebrated through our offering.

So on this auspicious day of Lhabab Duchen, we invite you to practice dana with the punya of giving multiplied 10 million times and dedicated to the benefit of all beings. Please, only offer whatever you are genuinely willing or able to give, which will in turn help the AHS continue to flourish, supporting and providing Dharma activity in the world.

Please send any donation you wish to make via the main sangha website:

Or if you prefer, via Paypal through the Buddha Within site:

2 thoughts on “Invitation to make a dana offering on Lhabab Duchen on Sat 7th November

  1. I am sending $200.00 U.S. through my husband’s PayPal account. His name is Gary Crockett. This offering is to the Awakened Heart Sangha to be used in any way that is needed. In deep Gratitude and Love to Lama Shenpen and my Sangha Family. Beth Jenkins (Tsultrim Yarpel).

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