Offerings for Saga Dawa Düchen

Lama Shenpen offering lights at the Stupa

An invitation to make a dana offering on Saga Dawa Düchen 

Wednesday 26th May is the auspicious day of Saga Dawa Düchen in the Tibetan calendar. The special month of Saga Dawa culminates on the full moon of the 26th and celebrates the Buddha’s Enlightenment and his parinirvana. On this special day it is said that positive and negative actions are magnified ten million times. It’s also lunar eclipse which is also said to magnify the punya from our practice!

It is customary in Buddhism to practice dana/generosity on a day where the punya will be magnified. Offering is mandala principle and therefore an energy exchange – a movement of opening and offering that creates an exchange between yourself and the centre of the mandala, that augments the mandala as a whole and strengthens our connections to it.

If you don’t have a lot of time for Dharma practise yourself, then making dana offerings that supports and rejoices in the Dharma activity of others is a powerful practice in itself!

So on this auspcious day of Saga Dawa Düchen we invite you to practice dana, with the punya of giving multiplied 10 million times and dedicated to the benefit of all beings, with donations to the Shrimala Trust, the charitable organisation that supports the Awakened Heart Sangha and the activity of Lama Shenpen. 

On Saturday there will be a special light offering at the Stupa in North Wales (between 4.30-5.30pm BST) as this weekend is particularly special for the Awakened Heart Sangha as we come together as a sangha to witness our Dharma companions who are stepping forward and making commitments to the Mandala of Awakening by taking Refuge and Bodhisattva Vows.

Would you like to make an offering to the sangha for a light offering at the stupa? If so, enter your name on this form – and send your offering donation on the links below.

You can also make an offering on behalf of a loved one. At this time of year we gather together the names and make offerings on behalf of those who have died this past year. The list of names is placed on the shrine at the Hermitage. Then at our Summer Solstice celebration we perform a smoke puja on their behalf. To add the name of your loved one use this form here –

Please only offer whatever you are genuinely willing or able to give, which will in turn help the AHS continue to flourish, supporting and providing Dharma activity in the world. Please send any donation you wish to make via the main sangha website: 

Or if you prefer, via Paypal through here: