The Awakened Heart Sangha is a spiritual community formed by students of Lama Shenpen Hookham and is a worldwide community of teachers, students and supporters who are committed to following the Path of Awakening as presented in Lama Shenpen’s  Living the Awakened Heart training. If you are interested in becoming a student of Lama Shenpen and joining the Awakened Heart Sangha and engage in the training in meditation, reflection and insight, click here. More details can be found on this site here.

Links to the Awakened Heart Sangha Communities online:

The Awakened Heart Sangha – The main website for the sangha with information on how to sign up to become a student of Lama Shenpen, teaching events, daily broadcast meditation sessions and more. – Our freely accessible archive of recorded teachings by Lama Shenpen and other AHS teachers on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel to be notified of all new video teachings.

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Awakened Heart Sangha: – news from the AHS  – Daily life and news from The Hermitage – Find us on Twitter – Find us on Instagram

Awakened Heart Sangha – Local Groups

We have a network of local groups around the UK and Europe, some are open meditation groups, some are study groups for Sangha members.

Most of our local groups have their own website with details of meditation or study groups, events and other activities. Visit their webpages for more details and contact them directly about joining. Where there isn’t a website it links to an email address for you to make an enquiry.


Buddhist meditation and Dharma teaching in Brighton
AHS members meet regularly in Liverpool
AHS members’ group in London, with monthly meditation & discussion. Contact Pauline for details.
Contact Steph for information about meditation in Southend
Buddhist meditation for AHS members in Surrey, contact Jackie for details.

Meetings for meditation and discussion in Tunbridge Wells
Weekly meditation for AHS members in Worcestershire


The Hermitage near Criccieth in North Wales –  is a retreat centre and Lama Shenpen’s home, and a hub of practice for the AHS. Visit the website find out more about meeting and meditating with local members, as well as the daily online meditation sessions broadcast from the Hermitage.

Dharma teachings, THB group and Buddhist meditation in Monmouth contact Five.


Discovering the Heart of Buddhism and Trusting the Heart of Buddhism courses, taught and tutored in German by Agnes Pollner, Herz der Dinge e.V.

Berlin – Contact Gendun for new AHS group in central Berlin.

The Shrimala Trust

The Awakened Heart Sangha is supported in its activity by The Shrimala Trust, a registered charitable organisation set up for this specific purpose. Its stated aim is to promote Dharma study, contemplation and meditation. The trustees of The Shrimala Trust are responsible for its finances and make sure that they are spent in accordance with the aims of the charity. The annual accounts are available to Members of the Awakened Heart Sangha on request; they are posted onto the Members’ forums and the Charity Commission website. An Annual General Meeting is held each year and all Members are invited to attend. Members are kept informed about and are encouraged to become involved with and contribute to future plans by engaging with the vision and five-year plan that is updated each year.

The Shrimala Trust: Charity Number: 1078783 Limited Company Number: 3880647