Laama Shenpen HookhamLama Shenpen has specialised in studying and teaching the ‘Shentong View’ of emptiness, completing her doctoral thesis on the subject, published as The Buddha Within.

Lama gives weekly teachings in the form of a mailing list, answering students’ questions. Anyone can join the mailing list here.

The main body of Lama Shenpen’s teaching is contained within the Living the Awakened Heart Training, of which Lama Shenpen is the author and principal teacher. Living the Awakened Heart Training is a comprehensive and structured distance learning/study course in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight. It allows anyone with an open and enquiring mind to discover the truth of Buddhism through their own experience and discover their Buddha Within.

Find out more about becoming a student of Lama Shenpen Hookham and joining the training at www.ahs.org.uk/training.

The Living the Awakened Heart training contains the courses Discovering the Heart of Buddhism (DHB) and Trusting the Heart of Buddhism (THB) and has been devised especially for Westerners to explore the most profound teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in an accessible, experiential way, with students starting wherever they are, from their own experience, whilst being guided by Lama, experienced teachers and mentors from the Awakened Heart Sangha community.

“The aim of Living the Awakened Heart is ambitious. It is to do nothing less than provide everyone, young or old, Buddhist or non-Buddhist, with a direct, authentic and systematic way of starting to reconnect with their Awakened Heart “             Lama Shenpen Hookham

Lama Shenpen’s teaching in the form of the LAH Training is a search for truth, a process of exploring our experience and coming to understand and relax into our true nature. It is a sound basis for a lifetime of deep spiritual practice.

Living the Awakened Heart Training is based on some of the most profound Mahamudra and Dzogchen teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. The ideas introduced are ones you will keep coming back to again and again, however long you study, and so it is equally suitable for those who have read about and practised Buddhism for some time and for those who are completely new to it.