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Do we need to listen to the same teachings again and again?

It is interesting isn’t it? I remember being amazed to see Tibetan Lamas looking totally absorbed,  listening to one of their number talking about simple things like the precepts and Refuge, the six realms and so on, and being clearly moved by the teachings even though they had heard the same teachings from childhood. 

I got the sense that for them it was like being born into a pure realm where they were hearing only the Dharma and they were just rejoicing at being there and hearing the truth of it – as if it were also a meditation for them – a reminder of deep truths and always with the possibility this time it might go just that bit deeper and become a genuine realisation coming to them and changing their mind forever… Continue reading Do we need to listen to the same teachings again and again?

dharma practice can take many forms, Buddhist quote from Lama Shenpen

Buddhist Practice Can Take Many Forms

Lama Shenpen Hookham talks to a meditation student about deepening their Dharma practice. “Having said that, I notice I find distractions and entertainment interesting phenomena. We can sometimes feel confused as to what is a distraction on the one hand and what is obsessiveness on the other – but this is an important edge for all of us! We are all seeking the wisdom to be able to get the right touch with this – not too tight and not too loose.” Continue reading Buddhist Practice Can Take Many Forms