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Experiencing Fear & Feeling Disheartened

We must cultivate the right kind of confidence in what is real and reliable about ourselves and the world. Otherwise there is always this haunting fear or sense of threat. However disheartened you feel – it is not your Buddha Nature itself that is disheartened. Buddha Nature is always the same. All you need to do is to remember it and trust it and just keep going. Continue reading Experiencing Fear & Feeling Disheartened

What’s the difference between ‘personal mandala’ and ‘ego mandala’?

Even though our experience of it is distorted, we have access to its qualities already. They shine through our confusion and are what lead us out of it. We need to learn to be subtle about recognising what are the Buddha qualities and trusting them, and what is ego grasping and letting that go. While we are still only on the path, it’s not easy to distinguish between them. Continue reading What’s the difference between ‘personal mandala’ and ‘ego mandala’?