Welcoming Difficulties as the Path

We all face difficulties individually that we open to and treat as practice rather than thinking ‘I can’t practice because of difficulties’.  What we mean is I am practising but it’s still difficult. There is no need to say ‘I can’t practice’ – even when one feels so uninspired that even practice feels flat – that is our practice isn’t it? Continue reading Welcoming Difficulties as the Path

Lama Shenpen Hookham UK female Buddhist teacher

The Five Certainties & the Power to Gather

There’s the teaching, and, of course it has to come from a teacher, and there’s a time. But if the teacher teaches at one time and it’s recorded and transcribed, then it’s like it’s happening over a long time. It happened at one moment, or at one event, but then it actually kind of reverberates. If you then think about the nature of reality, and about time… is time real? If it’s not real, then actually all the reverberations are happening at the same time. So the time of the teaching is the whole time that it lasts until it stops reverberating, it’s one time. That’s a very inspiring thought, isn’t it? Continue reading The Five Certainties & the Power to Gather