Video: Lama Shenpen Interview on The Yogini Project

The Yogini Project have released a preview interview with Lama Shenpen, conducted a few years ago in Boudhanath, Nepal at Tekchokling nunnery. In this wonderful short talks Lama talks about when her teacher Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche introduced her to teachings on  Buddha Nature and how this helped to connect her to devotional practices such as praying:

“When Rinpoche starting talking about the Buddha Nature, not in terms of it’s just emptiness, but in the terms that you get from the the Mahayana Sutras, it talks about that we actually have these Buddha qualities from the very beginning and they don’t change, it’s the Buddha qualities that we’re realising and that remain. When all the illusions are gone then there is the Buddha, and you actually pray to the Buddha because that is your nature and that is accessible…”

Watch the video below: