Video: Lama Shenpen Teaching on Buddha Nature

Lama Shenpen gave a teaching a few weeks ago from The Hermitage in North Wales, on Buddha Nature. Watch below or on our YouTube channel. Her next teaching will be given on Saturday 28th September. The teaching can be attended in person in North Wales or watched live online via Zoom. Full details about how to book or attend online are on the event page … Continue reading Video: Lama Shenpen Teaching on Buddha Nature

Video: Lama Shenpen Interview on The Yogini Project

The Yogini Project have released a preview interview with Lama Shenpen, conducted a few years ago in Boudhanath, Nepal at Tekchokling nunnery. In this wonderful short talks Lama talks about when her teacher Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche introduced her to teachings on  Buddha Nature and how this helped to connect her to devotional practices such as praying: Continue reading Video: Lama Shenpen Interview on The Yogini Project

Lama Shenpen Hookham British female Buddhist teacher

Lama Shenpen Audio Teaching

Lama Shenpen is currently in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she gave a talk last week at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute on her specialist subject – ‘The Shentong Interpretation of Tathagatagarbha Doctrine’, listen below: “The Shentong interpretation of Tathagatagarbha doctrine does not imply there is no need for the path. However, according to Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, it does try to counter an ambitious, goal orientated approach … Continue reading Lama Shenpen Audio Teaching

Confidence in meditation

The Importance of Confidence in Buddhist Practice

Confidence in needed in order to align yourself with the heart-essence and its three qualities of openness, clarity and sensitivity. Sometimes in Buddhism it is called faith, but really it is a kind of confidence that there is the ‘heart’ of openness, clarity and sensitivity to be discovered in our being. Buddhism teaches that it is there in its completeness to be recognised, and to be relied on. It is something that we can take refuge in. Continue reading The Importance of Confidence in Buddhist Practice

Buddhist teacher misconduct

When the Guru Misbehaves

  Lama Shenpen answers a student’s questions following the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Buddhist teachers in the Shambhala community. A Student writes: How can we hold on to the precious teachings of the Guru despite his behavior which appears to contradict some of the teachings especially around ethics? Lama Shenpen: It is good to always remember that all of us, whether Guru or not, … Continue reading When the Guru Misbehaves