Video: Lama Shenpen on Connections to the Mandala of Awakening

Lama Shenpen gave a teaching from The Hermitage last weekend about connections and connections to the Mandala of Awakening, and how we can empower these connections with our intentions, words and actions. Actions can take the form of rituals and she talks about how we have the power to turn all of our actions into ‘rituals’ that takes us to Awakening.  Watch below or on the YouTube Channel.

Lama’s next teaching is on 27th July. Join in person or tune in live online via Zoom. Full details here.

Lama Shenpen’s students are all studying the Living the Awakened Heart Training – a structured, comprehensive, supported distance learning programme in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight. The training brings the essence of the profound Dzogchen and Mahamudra teachings to a Western audience in an experiential, accessible way, through spiral learning. Find out more and how to join at

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