milarepa the singing yogin

Video: Teaching on Yogic Songs

Lama Shenpen teaching in 2017 on the tradition of Yogic Songs and singing, that’s particularly associated with the ‘Singing Yogin’ Milarepa, and with Lama’s teacher Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamsto Rinpoche. She explains the importance and value of songs for transmitting teachings, and the significance of learning yogic songs ‘by heart’. The Awakened Heart Sangha through Khenpo Rinpoche’s advice and blessing, continues this yogic singing tradition. He … Continue reading Video: Teaching on Yogic Songs

Video: Meaning of Chitta – The Heart-Mind

Lama Shenpen explains the Buddhist concept of Chitta in this short video made earlier this year. In Buddhism, the chitta, the heart-mind is one, but in the West there is a gulf between the two. We have to really work at connecting them together to understand the full meaning of chitta and Bodhichitta. Lama Shenpen explains how important this is, because if chitta is translated … Continue reading Video: Meaning of Chitta – The Heart-Mind