Letting Go of Clinging

Letting go of clinging does not mean being hard on yourself. The Buddha taught that we suffer because we cling to what is impermanent, unsatisfactory and unreal (not-self) as if it were permanent, satisfactory and real. 

It’s about just noticing that letting go of clinging means letting go of what is going to go anyway, what was not satisfactory anyway, what was not real anyway. Letting go of egocentricity means letting go of ideas about yourself that are not actually true and which bring you no lasting happiness.  Continue reading Letting Go of Clinging

Student’s Question: What happens When Your Ego Fights Back?!

It’s as if we open to the Dharma and a whole new possibility opens up and then the grasping mind suddenly realises it can’t grasp this and use it to secure itself. So it reacts and tries to say ‘It’s all rubbish anyway. There is nothing to open up to, it’s all fantasy, I am all right as I am, I don’t need to change’ and so on. It lasts for a while and the best thing to do is just recognise it for what it is. It’s just thoughts and feelings that you don’t have to take seriously. They come and go and try to sound very authoritative while they are around. Continue reading Student’s Question: What happens When Your Ego Fights Back?!