Climate Change & Rebirth

climate change and rebirth a question fro Buddhists

Lama Shenpen answers student who is worried about extinction of human race caused by impending climate change.

A student writes:

“I am very concerned about climate change. Some climate scientists suggest human life may become impossible on earth in the future. If this is true, where would mindstreams take rebirth?  Can the human realm continue on another planet?”

Lama Shenpen:

There is no need to worry about this because if there are beings with the karma (1) to be humans then human realms will appear.

They may not be in this universe in the way we think of it. It could be other universes that interpenetrate with ours. There is no limit really to the possibilities.

Maybe we were not humans in this universe even, in all our previous lives so it is not really going to make that much difference.

(1) Karma – literally translates as ‘action’ and relates to cause and effect and the power of our intention.