A message from Lama Shenpen to her students practising during this difficult time

Dear All

I hope you are all coping well in the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in.  We at the Hermitage are better off than most as there are four of us here together and we have plenty of space to move around in.  It must be very taxing for those cooped up in small houses together with multiple family members all day for weeks and perhaps months on end.

Not only that but there are constant scare stories to cope with on the news and worries about how the situation is going to pan out both for the world in general and for our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Then there is the question of how to stay safe while at the same time taking care of others and the heart-rending stories we hear about or are experiencing in regard to the health service and especially the health service workers and others working to try to keep us all safe. Heart-rending and inspiring at the same time.

It is heartening to see how so many people have got together to find innovative ways to help and support each other in so many ways.

Here at the Hermitage we seem to be able to play our part simply by being here for people to drop in at our sessions. Or even just to know we are here practising and dedicating punya and connecting to the power of compassion of the Mandala of  Awakening on behalf of all beings – sending out pranidhanas and opening the way for that compassion to influence the world at this time – helping to dispel obstacles and disasters to the extent our karma will allow.  The best that any of us can do is to keep practising Dharma and dedicating the punya in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

May the truth of the Dharma remain in this world from generation to generation for a long time to come – which means may the world be a place in which the practice of Dharma can thrive.

The essence of the Dharma is love and compassion – so by using our energy to practice generosity, keep precepts, practise kshanti and meditation and develop wisdom in all we do is actually all about love and compassion – it is all about fulfilling our Bodhisattva aspiration to deliver all beings from suffering. The way we think and what we aspire for determines what eventually happens to us. So please keep up your good practice.

With much love and care,