The gift of being ‘fully present’

“We express our presence through our body, actions, movements and speech. We express it in our bearing,
our posture and the way we do things. Our presence expresses itself in the way we take our place in the
world, the way we take our seat.

We are not cowed or defeated; we are not ashamed to exist. We take our place with dignity as human beings and we respect ourselves because we respect all human beings. Being fully present means to be awake, alert, dignified, confident, relaxed and connected.

It means being fully present in our body, being physically present, grounded, centred. It means coming down from the clouds, down from the headiness of too much thinking, being firmly and whole-heartedly present, awake and alive.

Only being fully present can we respond appropriately to the situation in the world around us.”

Lama Shenpen Hookham

[This is an extract from the Heart of Meditation booklet which is the first course in the Living the Awakened Heart Training and sent to new students when they join. For another post about generosity as practice at Christmas, click here.]

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