Our Mysterious Connection With Others

Lama Shenpen on our connection to others: “Our living connection with other beings is mysterious. We cannot find any boundary to our awareness and yet another being is another being to be loved and responded to. They are not just our imagination. So that living connection or boundary between one being and another is deeply mysterious and wonderful. It is the source of all joy … Continue reading Our Mysterious Connection With Others

Buddhist quote for Leeds - connections are more fundamental than time and space

Connections Outside Time & Space

Tibetan Buddhism talks about our connections (Tibetan: Tendrel) with each other as being lasting and meaningful and that they can continue between lives. “This is actually pointing to something extremely profound that one can only come to understand gradually as one comes to understand the full implications of emptiness or openness. What it means is that you cannot separate things off from each other and so there is no way we can ever escape our connections.” Continue reading Connections Outside Time & Space