Love and Compassion are not always cosy and warm

5 Buddha families Mandala
Mandala of the Five Buddhas

“It is not the case that love and compassion always feel cosy, warm and intimate.  Love and compassion can manifest in different ways and can be classified according to what are called the five Buddha families or Buddha Wisdoms.  The warm and passionate feeling of love and compassion is the Padma family style of expression.  The love and compassion that simply create a sense of openness and acceptance is more the Buddha style.  The love and compassion that feeds and nourishes, giving endlessly is the Ratna style.  The love and compassion that strikes out at what is harmful and needs to be destroyed is the Vajra style.  The love and compassion that is continually working for the benefit of others is the Karma style.  There can be any number of combinations of these qualities at work as we link into our natural love and compassion.  It is important not to think that love and compassion have to have one particular feeling or mode of expression.”

Lama Shenpen Hookham

An excerpt from the booklet ‘Apramanas: Practising the Four Immeasurables’ that explains the practice, it can be purchased here: